More Street Construction

More Street Construction

Street Improvement Project Resumes on Highway 111

With the end of world’s most famous music festivals, construction will begin again on Highway 111. So expect delays and to be re-routed by detours. May 1st marks the start. It will continue till Thanksgiving. During which time please watch your speed and don't drive while distracted. Most construction road violations don't end up with the need of a bail bond, but it could happen. Not to mention the police are on high alert in construction areas and the speeding ticket might not be the thing the causes you to call Indio Bail Bond. So don't give them an excuse to do a vehicle search, always drive with caution, but double that in construction zones.

Indio Bail Bonds is a licensed bail bond agency. We have bail bondsmen all across the southern California area. And with our 24 hour Bail Bond Hot-line we're reachable any time 24/7. So if you get charged with reckless driving in a construction zone, and need a bail bond in Indio, Don't hesitate to call us.

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