Why Lucky Bail Bonds

Free 24 Hour Consultation

Contact us 24/7. We never close. When you contact us, you are connected with a licensed 24-hour bail agent who can respond to all of your questions. Our 24/7 number is 760-863-4400.

Bonds by Fax/Email

Using our bail by fax/email program, we can transmit all bail documents within minutes. When all bail application documents are completed (approximately 15 minutes), your bail bond will be instantly “posted” with the appropriate detention facility, starting the discharge procedure. When you call us, we will always provide you a realistic time frame to complete your bail bond. Once in a while, some bail bonds require that we have a bail agent meet you in person. For most city prisons, our agents can usually arrive to meet you in 30-60 minutes.

Fast Service

For the majority of our clients, speed is the first factor when choosing a bail bond company. Who wants to be in prison any longer than needed? Our vast network of agents allows us to deal with virtually every prison in California. Our greatest representation is in the Palm Springs, Indio and Banning areas.

Credit Cards Accepted

Paying for the bail bond is made easy with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. You could also pay by cash. Unfortunately, our company does not accept checks. We also offer financing with respect to those that qualify.

Flexible Financing

Generally, bail bonds require payment in advance of the detainee’s discharge from jail. We recognize that may represent a financial concern. If you require financing, we have creative financing options. If you qualify, we can easily figure out payments for your bond with zero financing charges. Within minutes, our company can get you approved, if you qualify.


We understand that working with a bail bond company is possibly an embarrassing situation. Our company is extremely discreet and will certainly safeguard your privacy.

We’ll Travel To You

At no charge to you, we can arrange to have a 24-hour licensed bail bond agent come to your location. Our strategically placed system of agents permits us to service most areas of California.

Quick Telephone Approval

Our Company can easily authorize the majority of all bail bonds by phone within just a few minutes. Call us now to communicate directly with an agent. 800-980-2245

Collateral Usually Not Needed

Many customers can qualify for signature bail bonds that require no collateral. Typically our customers are low “flight risks”. We consider many factors including the length of time residing in California, employment situation, credit score, personality, type of crime and similar factors.

No Hidden Fees or Gimmicks

All fees are discussed in advance. You don’t have to worry about surprise fees or gimmicks. We even offer a Bail Customer Bill Of Rights.

Creative Solutions

We realize that some situations are unique. Give us an opportunity to resolve your special needs.

Call us any time 760-863-4400